Oral and poster papers to be presented at the conference will be given to delegates on a CD at registration. Full papers to be submitted by April 27, 2015 to Dr. Abdel-Fattah Seyam, Conference Co-Chair, by email to


Abd El-moniem Mahmoud.
Synthesis of photo polymer for screen printing application.

Elaboration technological parameters mixed yarn.

Enas M. Reda and Hassan M. Ibrahim.
Antimicrobial carboxymethyl chitosan / poly vinyl alcohol nanofibers containing silver nanoparticles.

Technology for producing cotton- silk yarn.

Hassan M. Ibrahim.
Impregnation of silver nanoparticles into bacterial cellulose: Green synthesis and cytotoxicity.

Mohamad Midani.
3D orthogonal woven preforms made from high performance and sustainable fibers extracted from date palm leaves (DPL).

Rehab M. Mosaad.
Preparation, characterization and median lethal dose (LD50) of water soluble chitosan as target Drug Delivery.

Mehmet Korkmaz.
Model and analysis of three dimensional orthogonal woven fabrics with finite element method.