Consultancy for the Technical Textile Industry

Dr. Xiaogang Chen

  • Lightweight and energy absorbent textile composites
  • Textile composites with integrated 3D reinforcement/perform
  • Non-crimp textile reinforcements for HM composites
  • Itegrated textiles for wound management
  • Multi-tunnel textiles
  • Novel textile architectures against trauma impact
  • New fabric materials for female body armour
  • Integrated shell for high performance helmets for riot police
  • Experiment and simulation of body armour against stabbing and slashing
  • Study on bone fracture and on limb protection
  • Improvement of comfort of body armours
  • Self opening 3D textiles
  • Exploration of 3D textiles used as office partition materials
  • Mathematical modelling of woven structures
  • Visualisation of textile architecture and geometrical modelling
  • Modelling and simulation of behaviour of textile assemblies
  • CAD/CAM of 3D Woven Structures
  • 3D Weaving and Testing