Textile Industry Software available from TexEng

The two currently available software packages, developed with the needs of manufacturers and users of technical textiles in mind, are

  1. TechText CAD: This package is an aid to the engineering of textile assemblies in order to define structures, predict mechanical properties and carry out common calculations. The program inputs weave and knit patterns and takes yarn properties from a database. It is a powerful tool for property prediction and for engineering of technical textiles.
  2. Weave Engineer: This package is dedicated for the design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) of advanced textile structures based on the use of conventional weaving technology. It has been used for the design and manufacture of 3D textile structures, with both solid and hollow architectures. These 3D fabrics are used in non-crimp composite reinforcement and other applications.


Additional software can be added to the list in order to meet industrial needs.

For trial copies of the software, please contact xiaogang.chen@manchester.ac.uk.